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Our Services

Extended Care
As a long-term care facility, Kulana Malama gives your child quality medical care in a comfortable, friendly place that is designed to serve children.

Transitional Care
Kulana Malama serves as a place for children to stay after being discharged from an acute care hospital or a nursing home facility, but may not be ready to go home because of their need for more involved skilled nursing care.

Respite Care
Kulana Malama serves as a resource for parents and caregivers, offering respite services to provide a break on an emergency or planned basis.

Support Groups
Family workshops and support groups for parents, sisters or brothers and caregivers provide valuable information and moral support for the ongoing care of medically fragile children.

Specialized Care
Kulana Malama is ideal for children and young adults who are dependent upon one or more medical devices or require wound care, hydration therapy, or physical and occupational rehabilitation, or speech therapy.

In addition to serving children, Kulana Malama also serves adults in a ventilator weaning program that enables individuals to breathe on their own without assistance of medical equipment.

Our team can provide a high level of specialized care for children with multiple or severe conditions:

Ventilator support and weaning
Tracheotomy tubes
Ileostomy and colonostomy stomas
Parenteral nutrition
Electrolyte and fluid replacement
Tracheotomy care
Oxygen monitoring and weaning